• Anja Dreyer

Homeschooling: Your Questions, Answered

I'm guessing a lot of kids are not returning to school this week, and honestly, I don't blame you if you don't want to send your kids to school right now. We're being told to avoid crowds and yet we are asking our children to go into that crowd. As scary as that may sound, fret not, because homeschooling your children may be the answer to your prayers.

Besides the obvious 'rona benefit that you will get from homeschooling, there are many other benefits to look forward to. You'll get to spend more time with your kids, and become an integral part of their learning experience. The main reward I get from teaching is watching the kids learn and progress in their academics. There is something special about watching a child go from new content, to struggling, to succeeding. I often wish I could give the parents a glimpse into my classroom because I know they would love to be a part of that.

Secondly, it will give the family more flexibility in terms of location. Families that travel often love the fact that homeschooling can offer them the flexibility that the traditional school model cannot. Add into that the fact that the internet is accessible, and you have yourself an online school. It has never been easier to educate your children from any corner of the globe. This will also lead to educational independence because your kids will be encouraged to form their own routine and it will give them the skills they need to teach themselves, which will help them tremendously when they get to university and college level.

On the flip side, many parents are worried about the social aspect of homeschooling. The traditional school model offers socialisation, which is not possible when you are teaching your children from home. This is a valid concern, and while you will never be able to simulate the experience exactly, homeschooling has grown more popular over the years and homeschooling groups have formed. Families are having organised field trips together, and are arranging sports days.

You may also be concerned about whether you will be able to homeschool your kids. Teaching children takes a lot of patience but it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Thankfully, you wouldn't have to do this alone. There are many qualified teachers who are tutoring and would be able to help you and your family on your homeschooling journey. The internet makes so many things possible. You can have a travelling teacher with you anywhere in the world. A "pocket teacher", if you will.

As far as homeschooling is concerned, I don't see any problems with it. The kids will get the individual attention that they need, and you will know exactly what is going on with their education. You even have the option of getting them a tutor to help them through the content that you don't feel comfortable with, all in the comfort of your own home. Imagine how well you will be able to learn if you are comfortable with where you are. Don't you think you would flourish, too?

If you would like any additional information about homeschooling and what we can offer your, please contact Anja on info@phoenixlearning.net and she will be happy to have a consultation with you.

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